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As building managers everywhere are forced to do more with less, preventative maintenance on HVAC and building automation / climate control systems has never been more important. It is far more cost-effective to prevent HVAC and climate control system / building automation equipment failure with an efficient preventative maintenance program than it is to pay for emergency service calls when your equipment fails. Any of our preventative maintenance programs will help keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency, while providing you with a reduction in overall operating costs.

We are also striving to upgrade our maintenance capabilities. Our school-trained and factory-certified technicians have expertise in all areas of heating and air conditioning service and will uphold the highest standards of quality in the maintenance of your equipment. We now offer three types of service contracts, one of which is sure to meet your needs.

Full-Service Contract

A yearly contract which includes periodic inspections, parts, and labor. As with all maintenance contracts, the full-service contract is subject to a preliminary inspection in order to establish that all equipment is in good operating condition. Substandard equipment must be upgraded before a contract can be issued. Under this contract, Control Temp assumes complete responsibility for your climatic comfort, including all parts and labor required to keep the equipment operating at peek performance. A complete report is provided following each regular inspection or any emergency service that may be required.

Labor-Only Contract

An all-labor contract which includes periodic inspections and 24-hour emergency service. While Control Temp is completely responsible for the operation and function of the equipment, parts required for repairs will be billed directly to the customer. A preliminary inspection is required to assure all equipment is in good operating condition. A list of equipment serviced and a comprehensive report are provided following each inspection.

Inspection-Only Contract

This annual contract includes scheduled inspections to maintain your equipment at peak efficiency. While Control Temp is always on-call in the event of an emergency, any emergency or other service calls will be billed directly to the customer. As always, a list of equipment serviced and a comprehensive report are provided following each inspection.
If you would like to discuss setting up a preventative maintenance program for your facility, please call us at 1-800-358-9904.
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